Top 10 Super Bowl Ads from Car Manufacturers

10. Hyundai Genesis Coupe 'Think Fast'

The Super Bowl only comes once and year, and it brings with it a heated advertising race between car companies to try and captivate the huge audience that watches the big game with eye catching commercials. These are AutoGuide’s picks for the 10 best commercials of this year’s Super Bowl in order from worst to best. And lucky you, there are so many this year we actually left the bad ones out.

  • Jamaal Kia Outreach Team

    We’re really excited about this year’s ad for the Big Game. You can view a couple of our spin offs by checking out the right column at How many hours straight can you watch Adriana Lima waving a flag?

  • Should have just said, “The 10 Commercials from the most recent Super Bowl”, otherwise the Ford GT commercial from Super Bowl 38 would hold the number one spot.