Toyota Corolla Now the Best Selling Vehicle of All Time

Toyota Corolla Now the Best Selling Vehicle of All Time

The Toyota Corolla has long been the best-selling car of all time, but now it holds an even more impressive title: the world’s best selling vehicle.

That may sound the same at first, but the “vehicle” list includes trucks, of which Ford has been selling plenty since it first introduced the F-Series line of trucks in 1948. Back in 2007 the Corolla surpassed the VW Beetle to become the world’s best selling car, and has since quietly moved ahead of the Ford truck line, with sales figures totaling 37.5 million. That’s 2.5 million ahead of the F-Series, an indication that the little Toyota has been in the lead for quite some time.

As for the Beetle, it’s slipped to fourth at 23.5 million units, being surpassed by its sibling, the Golf with 27.5 million units sold. In fifth place is the out-of-production Ford Escort, with 20 million units sold.

[Source: 247Wallst]

See below for a full list of the world’s best selling vehicles:

1. Toyota Corolla (1966-current), 37.5 million

2. Ford, F-150 Series Pick-up (1948-current), 35 million

3. Volkswagen Golf (1974-current), 27.5 million

4. Volkswagen Beetle (1933-current), 23.5 million

5. Ford Escort (1968-2000), 20 million

6. Honda Civic (1972–current), 18.5 million

7. Honda Accord (1976–current), 17.5 million

8. Ford Model T (1908–1927), 16.5 million

9. Volkswagen Passat (1973-current), 15.5 million

10. Chevy Impala (1958–current), 14 million

  • Colin

    Is the Honda Cub not a vehicle?

  • Mjmcri

     You couldn’t be more wrong by a factor of two to one. The winner is the Honda Cub. There is also far more continuity in the design of the Cub.

  • KR

    You may say it is the most selling car brand, but not model. From 66 til now it passed thru 9 generations. The VW Beetle in “unbeetleable” as having kept its design almost unchanged during almost 7 decades. 

  • Ljoleary

    Its also the best made car of all time!!!!!

  • CorollaNut

    The first car I ever bought was a much used 1968 First Generation Corolla with 180, 000 miles on it. I paid $300 for it. I figured I would drive it until I found something better…25 years and 736,204.7 miles later and I still haven’t found anything better.
    Oh, yeah…I’ve bought newer, more expensive cars, and motorcycles…brand spankin new motorcycles…and they have all failed me, or stranded me…my ever trusty Corolla…1968 technology, with actual wires and cables and nuts, bolts and screws, carburetor, points, manual choke…not a plastic snap together part on the entire car…has always gotten me home…and still gets 45 mpg doing it!
    BTW…the local authorities informed me some years ago that …with a modified head for 10-1 compression, two 2-1 headers and true dual exhaust, 13 inch wheels and disc brakes from a 72 model and still decent suspension (had to put in traction bars and better bolts or the rear end would twist out of the leafs)…that I had achieved 131mph and asked would I please quit and pay them some money.
    I have since returned her to her original specs as much as possible.