Vanity Plate Behind $20,000 in Accidental Fines

Vanity Plate Behind $20,000 in Accidental Fines

Danny White of Washington D.C. has a sense of humor. He loves the Redskins, loves his Chevrolet Avalanche, and loves a good joke. Unfortunately, getting a vanity plate that says “NO-TAGS” (hilarious) is proving to be an expensive joke.

Since White’s plate says NO-TAGS on it, every time the city finds a vehicle that has been abandoned or is missing its plates, parking officials  enter, well NO-TAGS in place of the normal number-letter combo. That routes the ticket over to White’s Chevy Avalanche. The poor guy said he’s received over $20,000 in tickets – none of which are even his.

Fortunately every few months he’s able to take time off work to go to the courthouse to get the tickets dismissed, but the ones that are made out for a Chevrolet become a tough sell. It’s become so problematic for White however that he can’t even renew his license or registration at the DMV.

An exception to the rule is being made thanks to local media coverage. A notice went out to all the different D.C. agencies that write tickets. The new protocol instructs officers to not write “NO TAGS” or “NONE.” Instead, they record the last six digits of the vehicles VIN and mark the state as “XX.”

White stands by his plate and refuses to change it. Unfortunately DMV director Lucinda Babers is considering recalling any confusing vanity plates altogether.

[Source: MSNBC]