Volvo Embraces the Four Cylinder Engine

Volvo Embraces the Four Cylinder Engine

As fuel prices continue to rise, fuel economy in our cars becomes a bigger issue on a daily basis. Volvo announced at the Chicago Auto Show that they are working towards a line-up of automobiles that utilize nothing but four cylinder engines.

Within five years, U.S. president and chief executive officer of Volvo John Maloney says that every new Volvo will come outfitted with a four cylinder engine as “it just makes sense.” Thanks to turbochargers and high pressure fuel injection systems, among other new technologies, smaller displacement engines are constantly becoming more and more powerful leaving no use for larger motors.

One good example of this cylinder downsize strategy at work is Ford’s Ecoboost engines which have been quite successful as they offer equivalent power to competitors motors with less cylinders.

The move to four cylinders will also streamline the companies manufacturing and ordering operations, saving the company money in the long run.


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