Win a Camry by Watching Toyota’s “Connections” Super Bowl Ad

Win a Camry by Watching Toyota’s “Connections” Super Bowl Ad

Toyota has launched a new social media initiative with a chance for participants to win a brand new 2012 Camry for themselves and one more for a friend. The opportunity will come tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 5, during a live NBC broadcast – we’re presuming Toyota means the Super Bowl, but the oddly worded press release mentioned no such thing.

To enter, you’ll need the Shazam music identification smartphone app, and use it, when prompted, during the broadcast of Toyota’s “Connections” commercial, which encourages the nearly seven million Camry owners across the country to share stories, moments and memories they’ve had with their camera in the past 30 years. By entering the giveaway using Shazam technology, the winner of the contest could start a new “Camry Effect” by not only winning a Camry for themselves, but also to gift another Camry for a friend.

Vice president of digital marketing at Toyota says, “The Camry Effect is one of the most ambitious social media campaigns we’ve ever implemented. Partnering with Shazam allows us to increase awareness of this effort on the national stage and give one lucky winner the opportunity to positively affect a friend and start writing his or her Camry story.”

Who’s going to tune in tomorrow?

  • Henri

    It’s bad enough getting a Camry for yourself… but to curse someone else with such mediocrity?

  • Dj

    I am not sure why you are downing the Camry, I have had mine for 14 years and it has been wonderful. One of the best cars I have ever owned.

  • al porter

    very good

  • aint got nuttin

    i want 1 regggggggggggggggggggggg

  • JayBird

    I’d like to win a Toyota : (