Wooden Lamborghini Gallardo Available on eBay

Wooden Lamborghini Gallardo Available on eBay

Many of usl dream of owning an Italian exotic like the Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini Gallardo, but sometimes desperation causes us to get our hands on whatever we can, in whatever form we can. That’s where this awesome wooden Lamborghini Gallardo comes into play.

This handmade wooden Lamborghini Gallardo replica is out in Latvia, but the sellers are willing to ship it worldwide and currently has a starting bid of around $2,400. The eBay auction listing states that it was made at the factory of Arbo Ltd. and is constructed out of a wooden material called DendroLight. A quick peek around the Arbo website shows that they specialize in wooden windows and doors – not car replicas, in case anyone was wondering.

We love the description though, which calls the Gallardo a wooden car in very good condition, constructed in the year 2011. There are no doors, so the windshield is a bit lifted up to make it easier to step into the car. It has front and rear lights, turn signals and a horn. The best part? It’s a two-human powered car, a la pedal boat style. Funniest of all is the bullet point for the description? “Chicks magnet.”  No doubt.

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