2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG Starts at $47,500

2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG Starts at $47,500

Dodge has released pricing on their 2012 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Compressed Natural Gas pickup truck, starting at $47,500 including a $995 destination charge.

The Dodge Ram 2500 HD CNG will go head-to-head with the recently announced Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD Pickups with CNG capability. The Ram 2500 HD CNG will be available as a crew cab 4×4 model in either SL or SLT trim level.

Chrysler also announced that the CNG-only range on the Ram 2500 HD will be around 255 miles and the backup supply of gasoline will allow it to travel an additional 367 miles. Under the hood of the Ram HD CNG is a 5.7L Hemi V8 with compressed gas storage tanks and an eight-gallon backup gasoline tank. The truck will automatically switch from CNG to gasoline once the CNG tanks are emptied.

While CNG does offer significant savings, it’s worth mentioning that there are only about 1,500 CNG fueling stations in the US – and only half of those are accessible to the public. If you think remembering which local gas station has diesel is a pain, CNG might not be a great option for you.

Comparatively speaking, the base 2012 Ram 2500 ST crew cab 4×4 with a 5.7L Hemi V8 starts at $36,300. So there is over a $10,000 premium to fetch yourself a CNG variant, while you’ll save about $1.25 per gallon equivalent of gas when using CNG. Worth it? That’s up to you.

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  • Myron Lee

    People don’t have to get hung up on CNG stations. You can put a compressor in the garage and use gas from your home meter which more than pays for the compressor.

  • travis

    No way an eight gallon gasoline tank gives they truck an ADDITIONAL 367 miles. That is over 45 mpg, if they could produce that truck they wouldn’t be messing with a CNG vehicle. This is very misleading. I would consider a truck with a combined range of 622 miles, but not a truck with a total range of 267 miles.

  • Chris Thorsen

    If I could get a vehice that runs on natural gas and I could recharge it at home I would buy it!

  • Mherman

    The non public CNG stations are accessible if you apply for an access card and watch a short instruction video.  Most airports have CNG stations.  All PG&E stations have compressors accessed by such a card and are open 24 hours.  
    You can purchase a filling appliance for your home for about &4,500.  
    We love our CNG civic which we’ve had for 4 years.

  • big e

    I was talking to a good friend who works at a dodge dealer. he was telling me about all the precautions/restrictions he learned in a class that he just took on it. he suggested that dodge call it the “hindenburg” package.

  • roadkill612

    if a tank like this has a cng range of 255 miles, its possible a phil station cant fill it over night

    just saying

    i love cng

  • roadkill612

    I read a phill station gives you $1 pge including power costs – is that true ?

  • roadkill612

    I had a natty idea methinks for small fleets

    a phill station w/ 2 nozzles & an equalize button. the fuller car helps do a fast semi fill for both cars

  • roadkill612

    ” you’ll save about $1.25 per gallon equivalent of gas when using CNG. ”

    true – from a filling station $2 sounds right so assume petrol is $3.50 – am not from us

    but from a home phill station ($4.5k), its 1$ if i hear right?

    that saves $2.50pg

    so for $15k more inc Phill

    thats break even w/ the petrol model at 6000 gallons – at 10mpg thats 60k miles

    w/ 2 vehicles sharing a phill

    its 50k miles

    at the pump & no phill at $2pg

    80k miles

    but its insurance against fuel prices too

    dont forget u can get a 35mpg cng civic for $30k – thats almost free fuel w/ a phill