2013 Fiat 500L, a Prettier Multipla but Still Ugly: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

2013 Fiat 500L, a Prettier Multipla but Still Ugly: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Essentially a proper replacement for the second generation Multipla, the Fiat 500L is a bit better looking than its predecessor, though is still a worthy contender for the Ugg-box crown.  

A new entry into the hotly contested multi-purpose vehicle market in Europe, the 500L is considerably bigger than its siblings, much in the same way the original, pioneering 1956 Fiat 600 Multipla was compared with the Seicento that spawned it.

As for Fiat’s latest compact MPV, it will go on sale in Europe this fall, powered by a choice of 1.4-liter regular and Twin Air four-cylinder engines, plus a 1.3-liter turbocharged MultiJet series II motor. As with most vehicles in the segment in Europe, the 500L will be available with both manual and automatic transaxles and possibly the semi-auto Dualogic found in other Fiat 500 models.

With the new Fiat 500 representing the first vehicle from the Italian automaker to arrive on North American shores since 1982 (1985 if you count the Pininfarina 124 Spider), there’s definitely a chance the L model will make it here too, though with US Fiat sales so far having fallen short of estimates, it might be a while before you see the L in North American showrooms.

 GALLERY: Fiat 500L


GALLERY: Fiat 500L


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  • Paul Laurenzo

    I think the Fiat 500l is one of the best looking cars in its segment and beyond!. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
    I don’t think you should slam the car’s looks in your headline just because you may not like it. I have spoken to several people who have owned Fiats in the past, and they just love it and can’t wait for it to hit our local studio.

  • Matej

    I do not think that this is the replacement for the Multipla…..Where is the thirth seat in the first row?  I drive grande punto and was waiting for multipla (in terms  versatility) replacement.  Honestly I am thiking to buy old multipla. Reasons we are small family, and i can drive whole family in first row and bikes and camping staff at back……

  • Ryan Dodd

    Fiat cars look disgusting. I am in the USA, and really? Don’t you see a “slight” similarity between the Fiat Freemont and the Dodge Journey? I mean really, of you are rebranding the car, at least change the wheels. The grill and fog lights are even the same, aside from the Fiat symbol. This car (500L) is DEFINATLY the most “modern” Fiat I have seen. I am not counting the Freemont as a Fiat. Even if Fiat does own Dodge, the Journey was produced before that. It is stolen technology. Fiat, do not re-badge. It makes people hate you.

  • Nicola Karr

    Gorgeous car! Would buy it instantly if it came on the market in Australia. HEY Evans how about we nominate you for the Ugg award, bet you would win hands down.

  • Nikola Tesla

    Why the hell would you think it’s gorg… Oh nevermind, you’re a woman so any regular logic, sense of aesthetics or reason doesn’t apply to you

  • ceeahbee

    This car will drop in value like a stone in the sea, just look at it.