2013 Ford Super Duty Revealed With Pricey Platinum Edition

2013 Ford Super Duty Revealed With Pricey Platinum Edition

The Platinum edition trim is Ford‘s ultra luxury truck package that is now working its way up the ranks into the Ford Super Duty.

For 2013 Ford’s F-250, F-350 and F-450 can all be had with the Platinum Edition package, specifically tailored to Ford’s Super Duty pickups.

The exterior of the Platinum Super Duty will be noticeably different, especially the grille, which will feature a satin chrome surround accented by perforated mesh inside the grille. Chrome is the key word in luxury car exteriors, and the Platinum edition Super Duty won’t miss the mark, coming with chromed out door handles, mirror caps, running boards, exhaust tips and even chrome tow hooks. The Platinum name will be featured on the outside of the truck with chrome badges. Finishing off the luxury look will be 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with painted black inserts.

Of course the interior will come all wrapped in leather, including a leather wrapped steering wheel. Wooden accents will be featured throughout the interior, showing up on the instrument panel, center stack and and door trim.

For infotainment, the Platinum super duty uses the MyFord Touch system with some exclusive tweaks specifically geared at truck buyers. Unlike other MyFord Touch systems which did not include physical climate controls, the Super Duty will incorporate the old school way of doing things with large knobs and buttons so that the climate can be influenced easily by someone wearing gloves. Other standard amenities include power adjustable pedals, a rear view camera, a remote start system, power telescoping mirrors and universal garage door opener.

The Ford Super Duty platinum edition will be offered with two engines, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel or the 6.2-liter V8 gas motor.

No pricing was announced, but considering the F-150 Platinum Editions $44,325 starting price, don’t expect this decked out Super Duty to be cheap.

Watch the video below which outlines how the MyFord Touch system was adapted for truck owners.

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  • Cldgyug

    put the ignition key where the driver can see it

  • Sara

    THAT was the lamest demo I have ever seen. So you emphasize how easy it is to keep your gloves on and push buttons. How about having OCR available on the higher levels. You offer it on XL and XLT – why would you neglect or think your customers wouldn’t prefer that option! And I also agree, as a current 2011 F-350 owner, I’m totally peeved that this option is NOT available. Btw, Im not a guy, Im a girl who owns a crude hauling business, but I prefer to ride in style.
    If Ford wants to be stupid and realize that this is “a guys truck”, than traditionally, sure it is – but get real – its not anymore.

  • Horselea

    Silly girl. Trucks are for men.

  • Buck

    Thank jesus for glove friendly nobs. It really cuts down on the whole loose your fingers to frost bite while sitting in a running vehicle. What will they think of next. Maybe heated gloves that plug into the lighter to keep your hands warm until the engine warms up. People who buy these platinum don’t use them in industry they use them to drive to and from the industry they own ,and never get their hands dirty 

  • Sgilbert1010

    Go ford

  • Sam_callaway

    And what is the problem with that? I started off driving old f100’s, no air, standard tranny, single cabs. Now I enjoy the luxury of Fords Platinum.