2013 Mazda6 Diesel Previewed by Takeri Concept: NY Auto Show Preview

2013 Mazda6 Diesel Previewed by Takeri Concept: NY Auto Show Preview

Among the many announcements piling up before next week’s New York Auto Show, Mazda dropped a subtle bomb. 

Debuting at the Mazda booth, we will see the Takeri concept (pictured above) in for the first time on US soil. While the sedan concept itself is nothing new (first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show), the drivetrain information is hugely important. Aside from being the third concept car to feature Kodo (Soul of Motion) design style, it will be the second car to fully embrace SkyActiv technology.

What’s more, that will include the diesel SkyActiv-D engine we drove in a prototype Mazda6 before the 2012 Mazda3 we tested recently.

While there isn’t much detail in the release about the Takeri, the fact that Mazda is announcing a diesel sedan hints strongly that there will be a SkyActiv-D Mazda6 coming soon.

GALLERY: Mazda Takeri concept

Mazda-Takeri-01.jpgMazda-Takeri-02.jpgMazda Takeri Concept 01.jpgMazda Takeri Concept 02.jpgMazda Takeri Concept 04.jpgMazda Takeri Concept 05.JPG

  • Dan

    I will need to make a move on a diesel car in about one year. I am looking for a mid-size sedan or, preferably, a wagon. I think the Mazda6 could make a good looking wagon. Hyundai is a fool for not bringing diesel to America.

  • Keven

    If Mazda does indeed offer this with a diesel, this will be my next car. I love my TDI but the German electrical quirks are just killing me. Good looks, diesel efficiency and Japanese reliability…..sign me up!

  • Colum Wood

    Plus, as far as Japanese brands go Mazda has a nice premium interior, so there’s no drawback there either.

  • Rally Girl

    Oh i cant wait till it comes out, i am an owner of a 08 mazda 6 and when the diesel comes out im going to trade it in for that one SO EXCITED!

  • Pop1975

    KudoKudo’s to dev team that created iPad appKudo’s to Mazda design team that created such a beautiful car!

  • Thanks

    As compare to the previous year in this year auto show Mazda 6 shows its Great Magic.It comes in the market showing all new features.The speed also show its effect.It has the best speed as compare to the other models of Mazda


  • Guest

    I really want to love the diesel Skyactive Mazda lineup.  They can’t get here soon enough!  Love the new look to the Mazda 6.  The current generation model missed the target and lost some customers.

  • Colum Wood

    According to the most recent reports, the Diesel Mazda6 will be on sale in October of 2013.