2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Gets New Fuel Efficiency and Safety Upgrades

2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Gets New Fuel Efficiency and Safety Upgrades

Mercedes-Benz has announced a number of improvements for its popular Sprinter commercial van.

In an effort to improve the Sprinter’s fuel efficiency without compromising its rugged dependability, Mercedes-Benz has introduced an optional seven-speed automatic transmission, capable of delivering “silky smooth gear changes” at temperatures as low as -30ºC or -22ºF. Additional fuel saving updates that help optimize performance from the 4-cylinder diesel engine include BlueEFFICIENCY engine start/stop technology, low rolling-resistance tires, an ECO steering system, and high-ratio rear axle to achieve 7.0liters/100km or approximately 33 mpg.

For safety and improved braking response, Mercedes-Benz also introduced the Electric Stability Program with Brake Disk Wipe and Electronic Brake Prefill. Brake Disk Wipe removes water from the brake discs while Electronic Brake Prefill activates the brakes the moment a driver quickly removes their foot from the accelerator.

These updates will be found in Mercedes-Benz Sprinters beginning this spring.

  • Paul Fontyn

    The Sprinter has everything I need with the only exception that my 2 kids under the age of 12 cannot ride in the front seats because the airbag cannot be disabled. Is there a fix for this? I would buy one if I can rectify this problem

  • There are factory-available and OEM 2nd-row bench seats, I have one that fits my kids’ car seats in our 2008 Sprinter camper (which started life as a 144″ cargo van). The Sprinter Cargo Van Ordering Guide (available on my Sprinter RV Conversion Resources page) lists factory seat options, my Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook lists some aftermarket seat options.

  • Executiveassistantco

    The Fix:  Put your kids in the back seat where they are always safer.

  • wich model gets the 33mpg i have been getting around 25 at 60mph

  • That’s the rating for Euro Sprinters with the 4-cyl OM651 turbodiesel. None of these new features are available on North American Sprinters yet.

  • Gfalbert18

    So is that true that the 33 mpg turbo Diesel engine is not available in the usa? I am getting ready to order one and was wanting the 33 mpg engine if that’s available.