2013 Nissan GT-R Track Pack Available For Left-Hand-Drive Markets; Not Confirmed For US

2013 Nissan GT-R Track Pack Available For Left-Hand-Drive Markets; Not Confirmed For US

The engineering wizards of Nissan continue to massage more power and performance into their halo GT-R.

As a MY 2013, Nissan has just released its right-hand-drive Nissan GT-R Track Pack for the Japan, UK, Australia and South Africa markets this month. While initial reports suggested that the Track Pack is intended as a right-hand-drive exclusive, Nissan has announced that the hard-core package will be available in left-handed markets as well.

Despite being available in right-hand-drive markets right now, the dates for the other markets are unknown at this point. However, a source suggests left-hand-drive production begins in May. Unfortunately, the Russian, Ukraine and US market are omitted from the initial offerings, but as a hollow triumph, we’re relieved to know it’s not out of the question.

The Track Pack was designed for drivers that want a more authentic experience on a racetrack. Offering a harder edge while remaining road legal, the Track Pack horsepower rating will remain the same as Nissan is not concerned with the GT-R’s power, but more focused on its delivery. the Track Pack sports new cooling vents, front and rear, to increase the airflow over the brakes, dropping the temperature by as much as 100 degrees when driven hard.

Suspension has also been worked on, as different spring rates optimize track stability. Finally, performance Recaro front seats help keep the driver snug while the rear seats are removed for weight. Another weight saving measure, the Nissan GT-R Track Pack gets signature lightweight six-spoke RAYS alloy wheels with a black gloss finish as well.

A limited production model, look for the Track Pack emblem on the center console.

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[Source: CarScoop]