2013 SRT Viper Gets an Interior Teaser Reveal on Facebook

2013 SRT Viper Gets an Interior Teaser Reveal on Facebook

The DriveSRT Facebook page wasn’t able to garner 2,013 likes in 2,013 minutes but that didn’t stop SRT from changing its own rules in order to gift the world with another teaser image.

When the newly-minted Chrysler performance brand realized it wouldn’t hit its mark of 22,246 total likes by 9:30pm EDT, it cleverly made a new post and said once its status hits 300 shares, the teaser would drop. Less than an hour later, and before they even reached 300 shares, SRT decided to just drop the photo that it promised was “definitely worth it.”

While the teaser image surely gives us something more than what we had seen before (that’s not saying much), we’re definitely disappointed it’s an interior shot and nothing to satiate our hunger for the full exterior. But at least now we’ll know that the SRT Viper will come with a six-speed manual and a handy oh S*** handle for the passenger. We’ll just continue to wait another week for the SRT Viper’s official reveal at the New York Auto Show.


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