60 Minutes to Profile Chrysler Turnaround Tonight on CBS

60 Minutes to Profile Chrysler Turnaround Tonight on CBS

Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne will be the focus of attention on tonight’s 60 Minutes on CBS that airs at 7:00pm EDT. Reporter Steve Kroft will focus on Chrysler’s miraculous turnaround under the careful guidance of Marchionne.

Both Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan and Fiat headquarters in Turin, Italy will be featured on the television show special, alongside the Chrysler Belvedere, Illinois plant where the new Dodge Dart will be built.

The show will focus on how Marchionne helped transform the failing Chrysler brand into a formidable automaker in the market. Last year, Chrysler earned $183-million, its first profit since 2005.

It’s amazing the turnaround Marchionne has orchestrated since he took over in 2009, stating in the interview that “there wasn’t a CEO in the world from the auto side that would have touched this with a 10-foot pole,” when talking about the state of Chrysler as it filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

[Source: USA Today]