Artist Makes 600 ‘Transformer’ Sculptures from Recycled Cars

Artist Makes 600 ‘Transformer’ Sculptures from Recycled Cars

Despite lacking any medical certification or clinical background, we’re certifying one Chinese fellow as a crazy person: crazy-awesome that is.

Sculptor Zhu Kefeng oversaw 600 transformer sculptures built out of old car parts and opened the exhibit to the public. We typed it right — 600. It’s true that new cars are (or were) selling like hotcakes in China, which probably created a surplus of junkers, but this isn’t the use we expected to see.

Still, it’s got to be one of the coolest ways anyone has ever recycled old cars, or anything for that matter.

The statues are available to be seen at “Mr. Iron Robert Theme Park” in China, though the park is more like a modern art exhibit at this point.

Kefeng started hatching the plan to build the statues a decade ago, but the place they sit today wasn’t even planned until 2010. Crazy, or crazy-awesome? Probably both.

[Source: Kotaku]