Audi has A4 “Superavant” Crossover in the Works

Audi has A4 “Superavant” Crossover in the Works

Going by present product development trends, the number of luxury crossovers to choose from will continue to expand as premier automakers offer more vehicles to fit all sorts of niche markets.

Despite the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo crossover’s lack of commercial success, BMW is moving forward with Gran Turismo body styles for its 1-Series and 3-Series as well. Answering the offerings from BMW, Audi is also working on a high-roof, people carrier version based on the next-generation A4. Regarded internally as the “Superavant,” the new concept may replace the A4 Allroad (Shown Above) and slot between the A4 Avant and the Q5 CUV.

For now, Audi is supposedly in talks with the Italdesign studio, which was recently acquired by Volkswagen. Detailed information of the new A4 Superavant is unknown but we expect the concept version to be unveiled by 2014.

GALLERY: Audi A4 Allroad


[Source: Automobile Mag]