Bentley Introduces Executive Interior for Mulsanne

Bentley Introduces Executive Interior for Mulsanne

Bentley is adding prestige and personalization to its Mulsanne with a new high class trim level called the Executive Interior, bringing the latest in multimedia connectivity to the English automakers flagship. 

There are two choices within this high class trim level, either the theater specification or iPad spec executive interior. A Mulsanne takes Bentley workers 170 hours to fully assemble and finish, with some of the bespoke options on the car taking quite a bit of finesse to install. Alasdair Stewart, a member of the board for sales and marketing comments “…We’re confident they(Mulsanne) will meet the expectations of customers needing a business-focussed environment or simply a relaxing space where films, music, television and the internet can be enjoyed.”

The theater specification Mulsanne will come outfitted with a 15.6 inch HD LED screen which flips down out of the roof for both rear seat passengers to enjoy. There will also be an eight inch screen in each headrest so occupants can enjoy their entertainment separately if they prefer. The system is controlled by an iPod touch which allows the vehicles occupant to control all the multi-media through the use of a Bentley app. A Macintosh computer mounted in the trunk can be utilized through the 15.6 HD screen to have all the benefits of a full computer at your fingertips. The last most tantalizing customization incorporated in the theater spec Mulsanne is a built in bottle cooler with space for two champagne bottles and three custom made champagne flutes.

The iPad version of the Mulsanne adds more gadgets, namely iPads, to the rear seat passengers already screen filled seating area. The iPads, one for each rear passenger, are fitted into small flip down airplane style tray tables that can be stored in the seat completely out of sight when needed.

The Mulsanne adds these new trims to keep up with the fast paced technology world, and to keep its business geared clientelle connected while riding in style.

GALLERY: Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept

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