Bentley Plug-In Hybrid SUV Rumored for Geneva Motor Show Debut

Bentley Plug-In Hybrid SUV Rumored for Geneva Motor Show Debut

It’s already public knowledge that British luxury automaker Bentley will be debuting an SUV concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, but now reports are coming in that there’s a slight possibility that concept will be a plug-in hybrid variant.

The brand’s first SUV could hit the market within three years if the Volkswagen Group approves of the project. More interesting though is what CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer recently said, “If we decide to build this vehicle, we want to give it our first ever plug-in hybrid powertrain,” Duerheimer said.

By reading in between the lines, we can maybe expect to see this Bentley plug-in hybrid SUV at the Geneva Motor Show, but that could also be a stretch. Duerheimer could merely be mentioning that if the vehicle goes to market, Bentley will be sure to equip it with a plug-in hybrid model.

The CEO also conservatively expects the SUV to have annual global sales of 3,500 to 5,000 units and forecasts around 25,000 units of sales in the model’s lifecycle.

[Source: Automotive News]


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