Best Tires to Buy List Released by Consumer Reports

Best Tires to Buy List Released by Consumer Reports

Tires can make a huge difference in your car’s handling and safety. Additionally, with the right rubber, you can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience and even save money.

The right tires depends a lot on how you drive, and in what weather conditions. To help you pick, Consumer Reports has released a list of the best tires in several different categories: All Season, Performance All Season, Ultra High Performance All-Season, Ultra High Performance Summer, Winter and Performance Winter.

All-Season Tires:

All-season tires are the standard equipment for most manufacturers. They’re the ideal combination of performance in wet and dry conditions. Additionally, they’re known to be very comfortable and quiet compared to performance tires.

The top 4 All-Season tires for cars are:

Continental ProContact EcoPlus+ Michelin Energy Saver A/S Hankook Optimo H727 Goodyear Assurance TripleTred

The Continental, Michelin and Hankook tires all scored a rating of 82 in Consumer Reports test, while the Goodyear tires netted a score of 80.

Performance All-Season Tires:

While All-Season tires tend to be made for everyday driving, performance tires are made for those looking for better handling and cornering performance at higher speeds. Additionally, thanks to the added grip, braking performance is improved on these tires as well.

The top 4 Performance All-Season tires are:

Michelin Primacy MXV4 Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S Nokian WR G2 Bridgestone Turanza Serenity

The two Michelin tires came out on top with a rating of 84, while the Nokian and Bridgestone each earned an 80.

Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires:

Ultra High Performance (UHP) All-Season tires have some adequate snow performance but give up wet and dry performance in the process. All this compromise is in the name of versatility.

The Top 3 UHP All-Season Tires are:

Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season Cooper Zeon RS3-A Sumitomo HTR A/S PO1

All three tires had a score of 82 from Consumer reports.

Ultra High Performance Summer Tires:

These tires aren’t intended to be driven on snow or ice. They have excellent responsiveness in wet or dry conditions.

The top 4 Ultra High Performance Summer Tires are:

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport was far and away the winner in this group, getting a score of 90. The other tires in the group each earned a score of 82. The Pilot Sport PS2 is known to be original equipment on several high performance vehicles. Read our review of the Pilot Sport PS2 in our Tire Buyer’s Guide here.

Winter Tires

These tires are made specifically for handling in the snow and on ice. While they are also stable on pavement, it’s their performance during winter weather that makes these tires really stand out.

The top Winter tires are:

Michelin X-Ice XI 2 General Altimax Arctic

Consumer reports gave the Michelin X-Ice tires a superb rating of 84, while the General Altimax Arctic earned a 78. The General tires are known for their super value, that performs well above it’s price point.

Performance Winter Tires

These tires trade in some of the ice and snow traction of the winter tires for more comfortable pavement performance. These types of tires, and winter tires are prone to wearing out a bit quicker, so are recommended for drivers who are usually in winter conditions.

The top 3 Performance Winter Tires were:

Nokian WR G2 Hankook Winter Icept Evo Michelin Pilot Aplin PA3

These three tires each earned a 76 from Consumer Reports. They are far and away the lowest rated passenger car tires of the test, so it’s no wonder they’re only recommended for winter conditions. The Nokian WR G2 are known to be a winter rated tire that can be left on the vehicle year-long, making for a true four season tire.

See page two for AutoGuide’s latest tires tests and more helpful tire advice:

  • Randi_billie

    Why isn’t all weather tires mentioned or are they under one of the above headings?

  • To_diane

    Wouldn’t All Season be the same as All Weather?

  • KennethJoel


  • Sean

     No- all season and all weather are different. All weather are new kinds of tires that rate as winter tires but can be left on all year.

  • Spamarama

    Rating tires without any information about what vehicle what tire/rim size etc is not very helpful…
    Tire aspect ratio, vehicle weight and type FWD vs RWD vs AWD all go a long way in affecting the “feel” and over all performance such as braking distances, as well as both dry and wet traction.
    Testing Tire X on a Shelby vs Tire X on a Smart for Two: Tire X is NOT going to be the best tire for both.

  • art

    what are the best tires for a dodge caravan crew 2011

  • patrice

    What are the best tires for Chevrolet Cavaliers, ( Rim 14)? tires for everyday use, with good breaks. Thanks in advance.

  • JOHN


  • Mike306

    why would you own such a POS

  • I am the smrt


  • I am the smrt

    i put motomaster on my Lambo and it works greaaaaaa!

  • CAB

    What is the best tire for a 4 wheel Honda 2009 CR-V?

  • Roy

    We have 45k+ miles on the Goodyear Fortera tires on our 2009 Acadia, and probably have another 5k left before reaching the indicator tabs. BUT THEY ARE NOISY, sounds like a truck! Looking for referrals on similar quality, or better, that won’t get as noisy as they age

  • tom

    what are the best tires for noise reduction for a mazda c5?

  • Ron

    What would be the best tire for a Chrysler Sebring Touring Ed

  • don

    what are the best tires for a 2002 Honda accord (64,000 miles)

  • Trudes

    Are performance all season tires really louder than regular all season tires. Are they really heavier therefore use more gas? A noticeable difference in cost over the long run?

  • John Jackson

    What are the best tire’s for a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country

  • Anonymous

    You’re tire size is either a 215/65R16 or 215/70R15 depending on if your car is an LX or Touring. Either way a Michelin Defender is going to be your best best in my opinion. 90,000 mile tread wear warranty. Goodyear tires in general are good, the only reason I don’t like them is the price changes all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I have the same car. B package Touring Ed. I have Michelin Defenders on mine but if you can’t quite afford a Michelin, the Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring DT is a comparable tire with a 70,000 mile tread wear warranty on it. It’s not quite as good as a Defender but it’ll save you about $200 for a set of four.

  • Sceng304

    I am looking to our new tires on my 2011 ford fiesta. What would be the best ones for this car?

  • sam

    I am looking for my wife best aall season tires for her Honda civic si. please help

  • Ann

    Are the Michelin Primacy MXM4 luxury performance touring all-season tires being discontinued? Why are they so hard to locate?

  • Jeff

    I have a 2011 ford fusion and need new tire. I drive 25000 per year. Will the Michelin Defender fit my car? They never show up on the list when I plug my auto info in. A dealer recommended them, but I am not sure if he was just trying to make a sale.

  • ChristianWilliamson

    man there is NOT enough information here on ths test.

    what tires were tested? how were they tested? without any of that information this test isn’t even ask useful as asking me what race of chick is best looking naked.

  • Darrin

    all weather is marketing bull…. just shifts the temperature it is “good” in down a few degrees. better than an all season in winter, worse than an all season in summer.

    do yourself a favor and get true winter tires, and summer ones.

  • dt

    Quite disappointed with these test results actually. I’m not going to lie in that I’m a michelin fanboy, but the tire choice seems odd to me…

    Michelin discontinued the X-Ice 2 and replaced it just a year ago with the X-Ice 3, so why wasn’t this tested? Same thing with the Energy saver A/s (this one i may be wrong on though)

  • Ken

    Why aren’t there any Firestone tires reviewed? I was told they are the best choice for my Chevy Suburban.

  • Frank

    Somebody was goofin on you!!

  • jim

    I live out in the country which is hilly. looking for a good set of ice and snow tires for my wifes 2007 ford escape xls tire size is p225/75r15. what would you recommend for my wife’s small suv. thanks jim

  • Doug

    I live in Denver and am looking to put new tires on my 1.5 year old Volkswagon Passat TDI. If I put Michelin Defenders or Goodyear Tripletreads on, will it reduce my gas mileage?

  • commonsense

    why are you all complaining about how autoguide posted these results? You guys know that they arent the runs who ran the test, right? you know that they merely regurgitated what Consumer Reports reported, right? derpty derp?

  • Robert Smale

    Michelin NEVER should have stopped making the Destiny / Harmony tire available. Man, that tire was as good as it gets. 80,000+ mile tire that was as good as any snow tire and a perfect passenger car tire for the other three seasons. I guess they saw a decline in snow tire sales so they put these gems on the disco list….

  • elliott craigman

    replacing tires on my Priusc 175/65r15… looking for soft ride… streets in Baltimore worse than Mexico.

  • j14152

    Must have been three people that told you that. Probably Firestone dealers. We don’t listen to just one opinion, you know. But if three people tell you that you have a tail coming out of your pants, you will look.

    I’m the fourth to tell you that someone was “seriously uninformed”. I have avoided this brand for many years, for good reason.

  • j14152

    You are absolutely correct!!!!

  • Jf61290

    The douche bag ones

  • Bill

    What would be the best tire for a class B van/motor home? I have Michelin MS 245r75 16 10 ply tires on it now.

  • Tim Polcyn

    I had a set of Firestones on my Avalanche when I purchased it new. They went lumpy within 6 months, I took it to the dealership and they told me it was an alignment issue (on a 6 month old vehicle???), I ran them for 45k an then I bought the Michelin LTX MS and ran 90K on the first set, the second set was still on it when it got totaled out in an accident last year with 245k miles on it. Definitely the best tires I have ever purchased.
    My brother runs a Firestone tire on his Silverado and claims to get the same mileage out of them.

  • k hsampat

    i am having maruti 800 car which type of tyre tube or tubeless to used and which company tyre to be used in all season

    k sampath

  • michoodle

    anyone have savero tires?

  • Jim

    I usually try to buy American whenever I can, so the GY Tripletreads would be my choice and it is one of the higher rated tires. As far as gas mileage, GY also makes Assurance Fuel Max which has lower rolling resistance. But since you live in Denver, I’d probably go with the Tripletread for safety. They also have an 80K mileage warranty. Regardless of any kind of tires you purchase, I’d still get any road hazard insurance.

  • Guest

    nope, but they’re Junky Chinese Walmart tires.

  • Patrick Treu

    I like the Michelin Premier A/S or Pirelli’s P7 All-Season Plus tire.

  • Ron Kin

    I used Savero tires for my 4×4 L200 Mitsubishi Strada for the past 5 years.I find no difference when I was using the Hankook tire before.I find no reason to buy those expensive Michelin tires, I am not into racing or image projection. The Savero tire was manufactured in Thailand.

  • Christopher Willis

    They are not, trust me. You should go with any of the michelin from xlt2, ltx ms2 or latitude touring or the bfgoodrich long trail if you dont want to pay alot but still want a great tire.

  • Christopher Willis

    Hahaha, your brother could be a comedian.

  • lorena

    Looking for tires for mercury mountaineer. Live in Georgia so only occasional snow/ice.

  • SJ Morrill

    Have infinity. Looking for opinion of Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 245/50 vsMichelin MXM4 245/50R. Live in MI so weather a factor