Charity Drives Cancer Patients to Treatment in Style – Video

Charity Drives Cancer Patients to Treatment in Style – Video

Ken Adams is a cancer survivor in Austin, Texas, but while he was undergoing treatment he realized how difficult it was for other patients to rely on friends, family, or even public transportation to get to the hospital for their treatments.

So once he was well enough, Adams arranged an organization called Your Ride is Here to help get cancer patients to their treatment appointments in style. By assembling a network of volunteers, Adams is getting patients a ride to the hospital in luxury and exotic vehicles ranging from an Aston Martin Rapide to a Ferrari Enzo.

Adams knows first hand that the chance at smiling can mean the world to someone battling cancer. It also brings a smile to our face to know that there are so many luxury and exotic owners out there that are willing to share their prized possessions in a charitable way.

Watch a video about the awesome organization after the break.

[Source: Autoblog]

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