Chevrolet Celebrates St.Patrick’s day By Going Green, Literally

Chevrolet Celebrates St.Patrick’s day By Going Green, Literally

St. Patrick’s Day was originally intended to celebrate one of Ireland’s patron saints and the advent of Christianity in the country, though it has essentially drowned in a sea of green beer and debauchery.

Nevertheless, Chevrolet is getting into the Irish spirit with its green cars, in more than one sense, taking time out to remind people of its emerald vehicles in time for the holiday.

The Hot Wheels Camaro Concept debuted with a green metallic paint job that would make a leprechaun jealous. It is based on the the dazzling green Spectraflame hot wheels toy, which was one of the original 16 hot wheels cars ever produced back in 1968.

The Chevrolet Spark debuted with an optional Jalapeno paint job which represents the Irish spirit. The Spark is a four door five passenger small hatch which also promotes green driving thanks to its fuel economy.

Green can come in many variations, and fuel sipping cars promote green-eco friendly living. Chevy offers five vehicles with 37mpg fuel rating or better, the five being the Malibu Eco, Sonic, Cruze compact, Cruze Eco and Volt.

Whatever your flavor is, there’s something for you at Chevrolet, or at least that’s what the company would like people to believe. Just avoid mixing green cars and beer.