Chevrolet Volt Charger Cords Being Replaced Due to Overheating

Chevrolet Volt Charger Cords Being Replaced Due to Overheating

It sure beats having your Chevrolet Volt up in flames, but having your charger cord overheat and melt isn’t so great either.

After complaints from Volt owners that their 120-volt charging cords were overheating, GM first insisted that the issue was with the wiring of the charging outlet, and not the car. Since then, however, the automaker has agreed to replace the cords on 9,500 existing Volts, though it is not being called a recall.

The new cord features a more heat-resistant cord and plug that matches what other electric vehicles come with. Of course GM said that the new cord is not a recall or safety issue but rather it was to “offer a more consistent charging experience.” Sure thing. Current Volt owners will be notified through a letter for the cord swap.

Interestingly enough, a Volt owner received the new charger already from their dealership, with the dealer stating that it should have been part of the Volt’s recall back in January. Owners with the new chargers are reporting that it now utilizes a 14-gauge wire instead of the 16-gauge found in the original.

[Source: Yahoo! Autos]

  • Chad

    They tried to go cheap on the wrong part. Someone could have gotten seriously hurt.

  • mfox

    Reminds me of a tune by Talking Head…”Burning Down The Garage!”

  • Wesley

    The Chevy Volt has everything in common with President Barrack Hussein Obama. Neither were vetted before being released on the public. Both are colossal publicly funded financial failures.

  • Andy Wallace

    The Volt is a great car which was way to slow in coming. A few minor glitches are to be expected with such a quantum leap forward in technology. My charging cable broke on the day of the recall! I blame the power company for power surges, brown outs and the power going off and on. When I get me new one, I’m going to add a UPS to it to protect it. The cost of the Volt will go down as more people buy them and everyone should have one!

    Lastly Obama is doing a great job and should be re-elected!

  • Aherron

    I can’t imagine how anyone would say the Volt is a failure.  I LOVE my Volt.  It drives great, and as long as I drive less than 40 miles per day (my normal round trip commute is 30 miles), I NEVER use gas.  So far, I have driven abvout 1,600 miles and used 7 gallons of gas.  That’s over 200 mpg.  And the cost of electricity is very low for me; a full 40 mile charge costs about $1.25 or so.  I have no idea what Obama has to so with the Volt (other than the USA owns a share of GM), but if Obama is involved . . . CONGRATS!     

  • Chetty1

    Obama is a socialist bum!

  • Chetty1

    Andy…Wake up and exercise your brain and research the failure Obama has been.  Sure the Republicans aren’t great but Obama has been a complete, utter failure!!  We will lose our freedoms and maybe even the country if this self proclaimed socialist is re-elected!! 

  • WhatsYerPointPal

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  • McCain, Bush, and Obama, ALL saw this a a mens to get off Middle Eastern terrorist funding oil.  We export one thing well American dollars to sheiks who hate democracy.  This is a great car.  FYI – ALL THREE were for subsidizing cars to take us off foreign oil.  Anyone patriotic would agree.  If you despise America, – buy a Hugo Chavez supportin car and add to the treason.