Chevrolet Volt Fuel Economy Explained in Video

Chevrolet Volt Fuel Economy Explained in Video

The Chevy Volt is having some rough days. It’s production has been stopped thanks to slow sales, and there is still a ton of misinformation about what type of vehicle it is.

In response to the doom and gloom, Chevrolet has published a video to explain how the Volt EPA numbers work, and what they mean. The MPGe number is relatively new to the world of window stickers, so it needs some extra explanation from car companies to get the consumers the right information.

We’re glad that Chevy is taking the information to the buyers, but this video does preach a bit too much about the Volt’s fuel savings. Other all electric vehicles get 10/10 on the Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Rating scale, while the Volt still burns fossil fuels.

Check out the full video below to understand the Fuel Economy of the Chevy Volt.

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  • charlie

    I think the Volt is great. I would use very little gas if I had one. I drive 11 miles to work and would probably use only electric Unfortunately, I am not in the market for a car. If the car had a small diesel like my VW Jetta TDI, It would get 52 mpg in real world highway driving once the battery ran out of juice.