Chevrolet Volt Production Halted, Workers Temporarily Laid Off

Chevrolet Volt Production Halted, Workers Temporarily Laid Off

Earlier today we reported that the Chevrolet Volt sales nearly doubled in February, but doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

General Motors announced today that Volt production will stop for five weeks from March 19 through April 23 in order to curb rising inventories of the plug-in hybrid.

“We need to maintain the right inventory levels and continue to meet demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said.

1,300 workers at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant will be temporarily laid off as the plant shuts down. At the end of February, GM had a total of 6,300 Volts left in inventory, which could last them almost half a year based on current sales rates.

The Volt is an important vehicle to Chevrolet, but also the industry as a whole. As the flagship range-extended EV to land in the American market, it serves as a barometer for EV sales sustainability.

There’s no question other companies that are later to the party, like Ford with its all-electric Focus, will be watching closely. If the Volt continues to suffer, it might be a strong indicator of how other manufacturers approach the EV market.

On the up side, if the Volt continues to be a poor seller, folks may find the price dropping to a more palatable level than the current $39,145 MSRP, which could represent substantial savings when paired with federal tax credits.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • ttootallg

    I would buy the volt if it were cheaper. In this economy I can’t make that big of a stretch.

  • Jeffrey

    Why get one at 40K when I can get a car that gets nearly 50 mpg and not worry about range for 1/3 the price ?

  • heath

    @Jeffery the best thing about the volt is that you don’t have to worry about range. when the battery is low it switches over to the engine.

  • danwat1234

    Yea a good reliable used mid 2000s gen 2 Prius is only around $7K, maybe less if you find a good deal on craigslist and get a good mechanic to check it out.