Chevrolet Volt Sales Almost Double in February

Chevrolet Volt Sales Almost Double in February

After what’s been viewed as something of a perfect storm; tremendous hype, followed by lengthy gestation and then a spate of highly publicized safety issues, it would appear the Chevrolet Volt’s chances for long-term success might be hazy at best.

So far, sales have failed to meet GM’s originally projected estimates: In 2011 the company had planned to deliver some 10,000 units, though by the time the dust settled just 7,700 units had found owners. That said, new numbers for February have emerged that show a sales gain of almost double the number of Volt deliveries compared with January  2012 (1,023 versus 603).

Despite outselling the Nissan LEAF last month, GM still recognizes there’s still a lot of work to do in order to restore the Volt’s reputation. “It’s a tough road, but we’ve got to do it,” GM North American President Mark Reuss said.

Last month, to help regain Volt sales momentum, the company announced the availability of a California LEV emissions package that finally qualifies the car for single occupant status in the state’s HOV lanes. Chevy also modified the battery packaging to reduce the risk of coolant leakage and potential fires.

Nonetheless, GM is being cautious about Volt sales moving forward, abandoning its previous estimates of 45,000 units for 2012. Instead it said it will build enough examples to “supply to demand.”

[Source: Detroit News]

  • macomberk

    Yeah, well I guess Govt. Motors threw in the towel . . the shut down production for five weeks when car sales are booming in the US. If they can’t sell them now, when can they. It is an Electric Edsel. BTW, the Edsel sold 84,000 and we know how that story ended.

  • dixiedrifter

    The author can’t get his facts straight. The Volt sold approximately four-hundred more vehicles in February than January. At this rate, Government Motors will never find the formula necessary to sell a sufficient number of automobiles to pay back the American taxpayer. As sales projections fall by the wayside, GM will ultimately have to re-name the car in order for a gullible American public to be fooled once more, into believing that GM can build anything which remotely resembles a technological breakthrough. GM now copies its competitors. Volt buyers still believe in the tooth fairy…

  • Colum Wood

    Actually, GM has already paid back the money it borrowed. GM was, however, given many more billion that it never had to pay back.

  • Roland Brown

    Some of the comments made about electric cars all together have been pretty harsh. These two models, leaf and volt are the first. Yes they are pricey, and no they are not good looking designs but the do offer american auto consumers the option of not buying gas. When gas prices hit $4.5 – $5 per gallon, (average mile/month at 1300 and MPG for most cars at 20) that projects and average monthly cost of about $300 for gas alone. The electricity used by this car costs about $34 / month. It will take a complete catastrope before people realize that this option is needed. It amazes me that some of the “smartest” people in america would prefer to let the media think for them.

  • limp

    Hi Roland Brown

    Your numbers may need an updating. Even my 365hp 4,500# car gets better than 20mpg. Suggest you compare any one of some 20 cars, similar to a Hyundai Sonata, which is a mid-size car that gets near 40mpg to the Volt. Now do the numbers. And of course no one ever drives more than 35 miles in a Volt so they never have to use gas. Some of the smartest people in the world actually do think fo themselves and have common sense.