Chevrolet Volt Subsidized Heavily by Colorado Government

Chevrolet Volt Subsidized Heavily by Colorado Government

It’s a Colorado thing, so you probably wouldn’t understand but four-wheel drives and Subarus seems to sell better than most cars in that state. Subaru aside, another car is trying to woo buyers with a lot of help by the State government: the Chevrolet Volt.

While other states are discouraging people from buying cars like the Nissan Leaf, Colorado is offering up to $6,000 in incentives which combined with the already-available $7,500 in federal tax incentives. That adds up to a maximum $13,500 lopped off the Volt’s price tag, making it a reasonably-riced car for folks living in the mountainous state.

“This rebate in Colorado provides an extra incentive for those that want to purchase or drive an energy-efficient and technologically advanced vehicle like the Chevrolet Volt,” said Volt Marketing Director Cristi Landy. “With the available state and federal tax credits, along with the fuel savings that many owners experience by charging daily, the Volt can fit the lifestyles and budgets of many people.”

It’s almost funny, but with a starting MSRP of $31,645 and the maximum discounts in place the Volt can come as cheaply as $18,145, before destination fees.

Still, that’s approaching sub-compact pricing for a mid-size sedan that gets better milage than the sub-compacts it’s suddenly price-competitive with. MItt Romney might not like the Volt, but with prices like this it seems likely that more folks in Colorado might warm to the extended range EV.

  • ccr_21

    Well, the math in this is just plain wrong. The price after discounts would be $25,654 in Colorado. Why? The stated MSRP of $31,645 already has the federal $7500 incentive calculated in. Still, considering what a solidly built car it is, and the extensive the standard equipment list…that’s easily within Malibu range (or just a bit more than a maxed-out Cruze).

  • Chad

    Why are tax payer dollars being wasted like this?

  • Ralph Harrison

    How did this ever get by We The People of Colorado? This needs to be shoved right down Gov. Howdy Doody’s throat! And up the you know what of the Gang Of Four!

  • Ryan M.

    @Ralph Harrison

    why are political zealots so violent?

  • voltie

    Take away all the oil subsidies that have been going on for 40+ years, then you can cry about the Volt. I would prefer the government give away the Volt rather than send another 600,000 to their grave for a war on oil.