Chrysler “Imported From Detroit” Trademark Case Heads To Mediation

Chrysler “Imported From Detroit” Trademark Case Heads To Mediation

Does Chrysler own the “Imported From Detroit” slogan or can it be used by a Michigan clothing company? The companies are putting the matter into the hands of a mediator to decide.

The matter, which will go to mediation on March 27, stems from a dispute between Chrysler and clothing maker Pure Detroit. The two sides have until April 3 to work it out – if not, it’s back to the courts to battle it out.

The “Imported From Detroit” slogan gained popularity after Chrysler’s 2011 Super Bowl commercial, and was followed with a line of merchandise put out by the automaker. In March 2011, Chrysler sued Pure Detroit for sales made when the clothing company put out a line of T-shirts of its own adorned with the “Imported From Detroit” slogan. Pure Detroit hit Chrysler back with a countersuit, stating that Chrysler doesn’t have a valid trademark because the phrase is geographical, descriptive and misleading.

Which company do you think is right? Should Chrysler get sole ownership of the slogan or does Pure Detroit have a valid argument? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: Detroit News]

  • ctpete72

    It’s simple no Chrysler doesn’t have the right to use even as they have most of their product is from Canada anyway. Even the cars they show during commercials a majority of the parts making them up are either Canadian or Mexican. A clothing company that is really making the product in Detroit or anyone else really making product in Detroit should be able to use that phrase. Just like Made in the USA marks signifies that the preponderance of the article is made here in the USA. Why do you think Chrysler went with “Imported From Detroit” they couldn’t say made in USA about their products.