Crazy Motorcyclist Drives Sidecar on Two Wheels

Crazy Motorcyclist Drives Sidecar on Two Wheels

This motorcycle rider isn’t afraid of much, or at least that’s how it seems given his devil-may-care riding style up Mulholland Drive, outside Los Angeles. 

The crazy guy repeatedly tips his sidecar-equipped motorcycle onto two wheels in a circus-esque balancing act that could easily end in serious injury. We see the daredevil taking his ride around corners and along straight stretches of road, casually popping the sidecar into the air as if it was common practice.

You can watch the video below, just don’t try this yourself.

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  • Chad

    Handling a side-car rig up on a two wheels is a necessary skill for those riders, as they are severely out of balance when making right-hand turns. Now, the guy in the video was just showing off.