Daimler and BYD Form Denza Brand for Chinese Market

Daimler and BYD Form Denza Brand for Chinese Market

It’s been two years since Daimler and BYD of China announced a partnership to develop electric vehicles for the Chinese market, but the collaboration finally has a name: Denza.

The two have not decided on what the logo will look like, but it appears that there are three possibilities being considered. None of the logos being proposed resemble the badges from Mercedes-Benz or BYD. It’s believed that the first Denza-badged vehicle will be built on the previous-generation Mercedes B-Class platform.

While Mercedes is in charge of the chassis, BYD will be in handle developing the electric powertrain. As For now, Denzas will only be sold to the Chinese market. Further details are scarce but we’ll probably hear more about the first Denza model when the Beijing Motor Show kicks off.

GALLERY: Denza Proposed Logos


[Source: Sohu via Leftlane News]