Daimler Accused of Deleting Negative Info From Its Wikipedia Page

Daimler Accused of Deleting Negative Info From Its Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is known to the world as the open encyclopedia that anyone can edit on the Internet. While it may seem like the foundation of a disaster, Wiki contributors have, for the most part, kept things accurate and factual.

So why is it a surprise to some that a company would edit its own Wikipedia page? Well, it’s not really, since it probably happens more often than is documented, but it’s unfortunate when the company selectively removes anything negative that was written about them.

That’s what Daimler is being accused of when their German Wikipedia page was edited and the IP address of the user pointed back to Daimler AG’s headquarters in Germany. The information that was removed mentioned that Daimler, BMW, and Porsche had all received the “Worst EU Lobbying Award” back in 2007 for their joint efforts to delay Europe’s upcoming CO2 regulations.

Naturally Daimler is saying that the edit was not made on behalf of Daimler but that it was the work of an independent Wikipedia contributor that also added onto an article about Victoria, the Crown Princess of Sweden, and another article about müesli. We’re not sure what those alleged edits have to do with Daimler, but it doesn’t seem so shocking that the company would remove negative information from a public forum, given the ability.

[Source: Der Spiegel via Left Lane News]