Datsun to be Revived for New and Emerging Markets

Datsun to be Revived for New and Emerging Markets

Japanese automaker Nissan is readying a revival of its Datsun nameplate, but it won’t be making its presence known in America. Instead, the Datsun brand will be used for Nissan’s entry-level models in emerging markets like India, Indonesia, and Russia.

According to reports, the revival could come as soon as 2014 and the Datsun-branded models will also be produced in those emerging markets. The price range for these vehicles will simply be affordable and economical, with a range of around 500,000-yen or $6,200. Nissan is hoping to sell around 300,000 Datsun vehicles annually.

The Datsun name brand started to get phased out in 1986 in America, as the newly renamed Nissan started to emerge. The automaker wants to separate these cheaper, lower-end models from their Nissan brand in order to not dilute the prestige it has established over the years. The same strategy is used by other manufacturers, such as Volkswagen with their SEAT and Skoda names.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]


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