Distracted Driving Gets a Caffeine Jolt

Distracted Driving Gets a Caffeine Jolt

The witch hunt is already in motion for anything that distracts drivers: cell phones, iPods, even GPS with moving maps. Given that, it might seem short-sighted and illogical to market an in-car espresso machine.

Toss logic out the window because the future is now and such a thing exists. That’s right, for a paltry €150, roughly $200, the Handpresso Auto can be yours.

Hours spent in commuter hell will be a bit better with your new toy in tow thanks to strong coffee wherever and whenever the mood should strike. The device plugs right into a 12-volt (cigarette lighter) outlet and transforms your car into a roving Starbucks.

If you had the foresight to buy a ride with a cooled compartment you can even have cream or milk to go with your joe.

There’s no word yet on how your insurance premiums might change upon the purchase, or how long it will take for the government to outlaw the device so feel free to pull shots as you please. Jokes aside, the device is actually designed to be reasonably safe to operate. It takes coffee pods and beeps when the drink is ready.

Pouring the stuff is another matter entirely, but hopefully anyone using one will have enough sense not to do it at a compromising time.

There doesn’t seem to be a steam wand, so frilly lattes and cappuccinos are out of the question, but how much can you really ask from something so portable?

[Source: Uncrate]