Driving Without a License Not a Problem in the Renault Twizy

Driving Without a License Not a Problem in the Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy is a small electric city car which is ideal for personal transportation in an urban environment, and will be available to drive without the need for a license – overseas in the UK.

The small car is a few inches shorter than a Smart Fortwo, which means that it is actually classified by the UK government as a small quadricycle, rather than a full size car. This means that any person who is 16 years old an up will be able to pilot the Twizy without a license, a novel idea which may help this car sell much better. This stipulation as it stands is only available to Twizy owners in the UK, and will probably not spread to other countries.

The government is still ironing out the details for licensing on the Twizy. “There are still details to be finalised by the government, and there will be a basic practical and theory test involved,” says Andy Heiron, head of EV programme at Renault UK.

The only large issue that still remains is insurance, as an unlicensed 16 year old is generally not regarded as the safest of drivers and will therefore pay a large amount to insure the vehicle.

Is the idea of a small city car that doesn’t require a license a good one? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[Source: AutoCar]

  • James diamond

    this is so easy to drive I dont think that the
    goverment should give exaiminers the right to make money 
    from these cars I admit there should be some kind of test
    the likes of a provisional licence you should be able to
    drive it but not the written test no way because they are just                                                              going to make money from a car a 10 year old could drive
    plus the exminer would have to be at the back of you and
    that would not work now would it talk sence. 

  • James diamond

    what happend to my comment you messed it up I wonder why.

  • Tina50tiny

    Great idea with the all new Twizy want one, great dont have sit waiting at petrol pumps don’t have to panic buy either.WICKED idea guys…….

  • Sjthomson 2007

    I think it’s a great idea. I’m a 22year old female without a full licence. I don’t really have the time yet to apply for a full licence and to be taking 15-20 driving lesson!! I just can’t find the time. So having this vehicle for people without a full licence, is a great idea and would sell very well.  I WANT ONE 🙂 

  • Edglenwright

    Does this mean that banned drivers will have the oportunity to get back in the road?

  • Rebecca-jay-90

    does anyone know whether i would have to take a test, i ride a mo-ped at the moment so would i still ahve to take a test or can you just do a test and drive it straight away like you can with a mo-ped?

  • RosesanRainbows7

    If you have already passed a CBT test then you dont need to take another test to drive the Twizy45 which goes up to 28 miles an hour,  The original Twizy80 goes 50 miles an hour and I think it requires a full drivers licence

  • Ekaterina Khramova

    can i drive this car in usa? w CBT LICENSE and if so where can i take it ?

  • Dazza dee

    Can you drive a twizzy if you have been disqualified for drink driving??

  • Gary

    Similar to the lady below I work 6 days on 2 off and no time for driving lessons etc and have been driving a 125cc motor bike for many years and am 31 years old so have done numerous CBT’s. My commute is only 6 miles each way but winter makes bike riding very hazardous. This looks to be far more sensible but my bike does far more than 28 mph so doesn’t make sense that someone of my age and experience should be restricted to such a slow speed. Hopefully the Government will get this sorted out quickly and save accidents, As also far safer than 16 year old’s driving 50cc mopeds in changeable UK weather.

  • James

    It is so shit because the uk won’t let 14 years drive Renault tizzy if it is so dangerous why is France doing it