Ferrari F12 Berlinetta World Premiere: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta World Premiere: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Show stopping. At a glamorous event like the Geneva Motor Show, it often takes a lot to really stand apart from the herd, yet in Ferrari’s case, the F12 Berlinetta does just that. With the stand mobbed by members of the press, Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, officially announced the introduction of the latest in a long line of V12 engined hyper cars. 

The F12 Berlinetta replaces the 599 Fiorano and while it shares the same basic format, it’s significantly different, being smaller and lighter, with an all-new lightweight alloy space frame chassis and suspension. The V12, which di Montezemolo described as for “a new generation”, is an evolution of that first seen in the FF, but has been tuned to produce more power  – a walloping 730 hp, while helping the F12 deliver up to 30 percent better fuel economy.

With a 46/54 front/rear weight distribution, a lower center of gravity than the 599, plus what Ferrari calls AeroBridge technology (which directs air from the hood down the sides of the car to increase downforce), fully integrated stability and traction control, plus Active Brake Cooling (which adjusts the flow of air to the brakes depending on temperature), the F12, despite its somewhat conservative styling (which is already generating polarizing views), is a worthy successor to the 599 and a car that can trace its bloodline directly back to the much revered 275 and 365 GTB/4 models.

Watch our Ferrari F12 Berlinetta first look video below.

GALLERY: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


GALLERY: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


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  • Ahmed Ginnah

    WOW, what can I say but GORGEOUS, SEXY, CURVY, BEAUTIFUL, – actually words cannot describe it. It is a awesome machine made by man. Lucky are those that can afford it and will have one. I just dream on……….

    Good luck, Ferrari, on your car for a “new generation”.

    Ahmed Ginnah

  • Bentador

    Going by performance, the Aventador is better than the F12 Berlinetta. The lambo looks better to me than the Ferrari….

  • jimmy

    no man ferrari is far better than aventador……….the lambo is over designed…….ferrai has a grace and it has a 30 horse poewr more than the lambo…….

  • Howard Glancy

    Assuming this is as good as it sounds I am going to buy one.

  • David

    What a shame, another lame looking Ferrari showing no inspiration. Hardly any different than a 599. This company hasnt produced a decent looking car since the F40 of 1987. Aston Martins are infinitely better looking and Lambo, even with that horrible looking Gallardo and Murcielago (leave it to Germans to ruin Lambo & make sh*t looking cars) finally got it right with the Aventador

  • mianne

    how much is this ferrari? and just asking.. I’m not going to buy that!