Fiat 500X Crossover in the Works, Will Spawn New Mini-Jeep

Fiat 500X Crossover in the Works, Will Spawn New Mini-Jeep

Fiat is planning a new 500 based crossover, likely called the 500X, that will share its platform with a new small Jeep meant to slot in below both the compass and patriot. 

The new Fiat crossover will replace the Fiat Sedici, and become the fourth variant in the Fiat 500 range. It will share Fiat’s small vehicle architecture platform with the Fiat Punto and the 500L (Shown Above). The 500X and the new Jeep, which is going by the codename B-SUV, will be offered with a four wheel drive setup likely borrowed from the Fiat Panda.

The 500X will go on sale in worldwide markets before the new Jeep is introduced in North America, with production slated to begin at Fiat’s plant in Mirafiori, Italy in December 2013. This means that the Jeep B-SUV will likely not start production until mid-2014.

The Jeep should receive a “trail-rated” version thanks to its four wheel drive capability, and is also going to be available with Fiat’s MultiJet diesel engine. A 900cc TwinAir motor and a 1.4-litre four-cylinder are the likely candidates for gasoline engines.

[Source: AutoCar]

  • Gvanmeter

    If the jeep were actually trail capable-which is unlikely, and offered with the 1.3L diesel, I’d strongly consider buying one.  But if trail rated means a dirt road and not the Rubicon i’m not interested.  my cherokee runs the Rubicon, so i won’t replace it with a faux jeep.

  • Name

    If even a panda 4×4 can cope with much more than a dirt road, it’s not unlekely that the small jeep can be a real 4×4. But, for anyone that demands the best of the best, the choice is clear: buy a Land Rover. If it can’t get there, nothing does.

  • doc walk

    the only place a Land Rover can get to is the repair shop

  • A Wurzel abroad

    I’ll second that…though I will ‘Defend’ the 88/109/90/110 models as I have done my utmost to wreck several – and failed. The cost of repairs though was astronomical (and this was in the UK).
    Destroyed two discos, didn’t bother with Range Rovers – shit in the showroom. My father did his best to destroy his ’69 Range Rover over a period of 30 years or so – even the wash out interior survived. RR has lost the plot.
    Now I have a Wrangler and boy does it get abused. The old LRs were good, but parts?? Who needs a second mortgage when you can have a Jeep (which don’t need parts, just a toolkit. A hammer.)