Fisker Karma Performed Properly in Consumer Reports Testing, CEO Says

Fisker Karma Performed Properly in Consumer Reports Testing, CEO Says

The infamous Fisker Karma that shut down during Consumer Reports‘ testing performed exactly as it was meant to, according to Tom LaSorda, the company’s new CEO.

Apparently the luxury EV is meant to shut down in the event of a failure to prevent collateral damage that might otherwise result. LaSorda sent a letter to customers apologizing for the fault and any resulting inconvenience.

He also assured customers that he is “personally involved” in all the company’s initiatives, saying that hiccups in new technology sometimes require updates and refinements.

Fisker returned the Consumer Reports owned Karma fully repaired under warranty after finding a problem in the car’s inverter cable and battery.

Furthermore, it seems LaSorda dispatched what he calls a “SWAT” team of 50 engineers and other consultants to find problems with the car and fix them. New software has been developed to help prevent future problems in Karmas, and will be sent out as soon as the current testing procedure is complete, according to LaSorda.

Regardless of what he says, its hard to imagine buying a car for $107,850, as Consumer Reports did, only to have it die. A letter from the company’s CEO would probably offer little comfort after realizing your recent six-figure investment wasn’t ready to be sold.

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[Source: Automotive News]