Fisker Karma Returns To Consumer Reports Fleet

Fisker Karma Returns To Consumer Reports Fleet

The Consumer Reports Fisker Karma test vehicle which broke down on them last week has now been returned to the fleet after spending 48 hours at a Fisker dealerhsip.

During a routine speedometer test the Karma began to flash a warning light and a chime to alert the driver that something was amiss. Once the car came to a stop the Consumer Reports testers could not get the vehicle to shift into any gear other than park and neutral.

The nearest Fisker dealership was alerted of the issue, and sent a flatbed to pick up the car. Consumer Reports says that the dealership found a fault with the battery and the inverter and both of them were replaced.

With a new battery and new inverter cable the car has been returned to the test fleet problem free… for now.

Watch the video below of the Karma breaking down on Consumer Reports.

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  • Inger

    Shame on consumer reports for trying to bring a company down knowingly.