Ford Demonstrates MyFord Touch Update – Video

Ford Demonstrates MyFord Touch Update – Video

Late last year, Ford announced that they would be introducing a do-it-yourself update for its MyFord Touch system which would give it a more responsive interface with better organization and graphics. Now that update has arrived and Ford wanted to demonstrate just how easy it is to do it.

Jim Buczkowski, Technical Fellow and Director of Electronic Systems Engineering at Ford, stopped by CNET to show the ease of updating the MyFord Touch system. The American automaker is currently shipping owners of vehicles with the MyFord Touch infotainment system a USB drive for the update.

In the video, Buczkowski demonstrates that users will simply be able to plug in the USB drive and the MyFord Touch system will automatically begin the update. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of time – about 45 minutes to complete. The update changes the user interface of the MyFord Touch system making it easier to access the navigation, entertainment, climate control, and communications.

Those that don’t wish to undergo the update themselves can take their vehicle to a local dealership to have it completed. In the big picture though, this update proves that a new era is upon us, where vehicle infotainment systems can be easily updated to help future-proof vehicles. This just proves that companies like Apple and Google will have an inherent advantage if (once) they get into the car infotainment industry, having done it so long with their mobile operating systems.

Watch the demonstration video below.

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