Ford Explorer Teaser Video Hints at High-Performance SUV

Ford Explorer Teaser Video Hints at High-Performance SUV

Footage from Ford just became available confirming an addition to the Ford explorer family. The clip doesn’t show much of the SUV, but that might tell more than you think.

The video shows opens to a distinct growling exhaust note that revs out before cutting to a split-screen view of close-up angles on the car. We see a tailpipe, speedometer and matter black aluminum alloy wheels.

Though Ford didn’t release any specific details yet, it seems likely that the automaker is hinting at a high-performance variant on its popular Explorer SUV. The reasoning behind that thought? First, the video is shot on a track. Second, the shots we get are focused on speed and sound — both calling cards for sports-tuned models.

A live webcast is supposed to take place on the company’s Facebook page on March 28 when more details will be made available. While it’s purely speculation, an SHO version of the Explorer seems like a reasonable announcement given the drag strip setting for the clip, which you can watch after the jump.

Ford is expected to also show the car that day at the New York International Auto Show.

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