Ford Focus RS Development Delayed

Ford Focus RS Development Delayed

In an interview, Ford vehicle line director Gunnar Herrman reported that development on the next-generation Focus RS hot hatch have been delayed to bump development of various other vehicles and its trims and variants, especially the Ford Kuga/Escape and the Ford Focus Electric.

Simply, Herrmann explained that “It’s just because we have other priorities to clean up and, effectively, we have to make a final decision on how we proceed [with the new RS].”

For the new Focus RS, the previous Volvo derived 2.5L, five-cylinder engine will be replaced with a new turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder producing approximately 320 horsepower. Like the previous generations of the Focus RS hatchback, the new RS will be front wheel drive, coping torque steer with the help of a limited slip differential as well as a Revoknuckle front suspension.

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[Source: World Car Fans]