Ford Suburban Dictionary Makes It Hip To Be Square

Ford Suburban Dictionary Makes It Hip To Be Square

We admit to spending many an unproductive hour on Urban Dictionary. Sure, it’s a great way to waste some time, but we always learn a few new things as well. That’s why we were pleased to hear that Ford is following suit with its own “educational” resource, the “Suburban Dictionary.”

Teaming with Christian Lander, author and founder of the popular blog and New York Times bestselling book “Stuff White People Like,” you’ll find the Suburban Dictionary on Ford’s Flex Facebook page. Granted, it won’t be as racy or dirty as Urban Dictionary, you’ll be able to post your fun and PG slang into this glossary of terms that relates to suburban life. Here are a few examples that Lander has already posted:

•Healthy math: Rewarding yourself with a 500-calorie snack after eating healthy for an entire 24-hour period

•Hip hop age check: The moment when you realize the sample being used but not the rapper. This is R&B’s way of saying it’s time to change the station

•Fitness museum: Alternate name for a garage filled with exercise equipment purchased during the resolution phase of January or after frequent viewings of late-night TV

The Suburban Dictionary will allow parents in the ‘burbs to converse with one another using their very own dialect. “In order to help this growing segment of the population, Ford sent me deep into the heart of suburbia to help uncover the language and terminology required to ease into their new life,” said Lander. “I give you the Suburban Dictionary, the indispensable guide to this new and exciting – well, maybe not exciting, let’s just say comfortable and relaxing stage of your life.”

Be sure to check out the Suburban Dictionary and add your own submissions. While you’re there, head over and ‘like’ the AutoGuide Facebook page, which recently passed the “10,000” mark.