Ford Taurus Under NHTSA Investigation for Sticky Throttle

Ford Taurus Under NHTSA Investigation for Sticky Throttle

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated a preliminary investigation regarding approximately 360,000 units of Ford Taurus produced from 2005 through 2006.

According to 14 Taurus owners, the Ford Taurus has experienced incidents of stuck throttle due to cruise control cable detachment.

NHTSA revealed that most complaints described that the Taurus would experience, “engine speeds as high as approximately 4,000rpm after shifting into Park or Neutral”. Drivers noted that a shift into neutral or an engine shut off was necessary to effectively slow the vehicle down.

Although there are no reported accidents or injuries, one incident involved a Ford Taurus driver who allegedly went through a red light, partially crossing the intersection before he could stop the vehicle. “This is an extremely dangerous situation,” the driver wrote. “There needs to be something done about this before it becomes fatal.”

According to NHTSA, “A Preliminary Evaluation has been opened to assess the scope, frequency, and safety-related consequences of the alleged defect.” Interestingly, Ford Taurus mechanical twin Mercury Sable is not a part of the investigation.

More information and details from Ford and the NHTSA will be available as the investigation continues.

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  • sandy Hickman

    I purchased a 2005 ford station wagon in 2005 new. I have had many incidents where my ford acclerated on its own. It has been in the shop many times and the ford mechanics have been unable to find the problem. I was driving to work last week and had to pull over as the car acclerated.
    Very frightening.
    I did contact the NTSB with the problem several years ago.
    It is not onlyu the ford sedan.

  • les titcher

    05 merc sable it has acclerated several times had the shop[ look at it and they change a senser and it still does it. lets not wait until someone dies to fix this should be proactive on this issue.

  • Glen Schley

    I have a 2002 ford taurus ses with 62,500 miles I bought new when i have it in cruise control and take it off it takes a very hard push to get the throttle to work agin must be something makeing it stick like it dose nothing has happened except the fast acceleration. thanks Glen Schley

  • Sandy

    Seven months later the Ford 2005 continues to acclerate on its own .  Took it to the Ford Dealer and they said it is due to the trottle sticking and will replace it for $662.00.
    Should be recalled but not as yet.  Going to get it fixed and hope it is fixed for good.  Scared to death.  10/15/12.  I did contact the NHSC to no avail.