Freightliner Revolution Innovation Concept is the Future of Commercial Trucking – Video

Freightliner Revolution Innovation Concept is the Future of Commercial Trucking – Video

Freightliner is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and while we normally wouldn’t pay attention to commercial trucking, its Revolution Innovation concept that is being shown off at this week’s Mid-America Trucking Show is, well, revolutionary.

What’s interesting about the Revolution Innovation concept is Freightliner’s inspiration from today’s generation of vehicles on the road. We’re talking about a focus on fuel efficiency, using lightweight components, and streamlining the overall design of a commercial truck.

While the concept is a bit on the radical side for a production commercial truck, it highlights the direction that Freightliner intends to go with a more aerodynamic body and utilizing an aluminum frame that is 200 lbs lighter than its steel equivalent. No functionality has been cut out either, as the Revolution Innovation concept sports an intelligent rear axle that can automatically switch between four- and six-wheel drive on the fly.

An interesting idea debuted on the concept is tossing out the passenger-side door under the assumption that most truckers travel solo. Instead, there is now a more efficient work station and rest area for the trucker.

Watch a video on the Freightliner Revolution Innovation concept below.

If you’re a trucker, tell us what you think of the new Freightliner in the comments section below.

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  • Rednecktrucker55

    Thats taking away everything drivers want and need. We want space and plenty of room, not a small jail cell of a cab. I dont travel solo and that truck design will but alot of team drivers out of a job.

  • Daemon

    while I like some of the ideas, I’d like to see this concept expanded to a 244″ or 265″ wheel base long haul sleeper truck. the separate A/C condenser/coolant radiator is an old idea that needs to make a comeback, I’d prefer a roof mounted condenser on my pete….

  • Ok very good. Very nice. How much? When can I pay?