G-Power Makes The New BMW M5 Even Faster

G-Power Makes The New BMW M5 Even Faster

There are plenty of people out there who would be very content with the performance of the new BMW M5 (model designation F10). However, there is also no shortage of people who are never content with what the factory offers and thus look for companies that make their fast cars even faster.

G-Power has been the source to look after the ever rising performance needs of BMW clients since 1983. They are masters at turning fast cars even faster, and their approach is not just to raise power, but also properly modify the suspension and brakes to cope with the extra performance.

Their latest model; called the Bi-Tronic III takes the new M5 and give it an extra 80-hp. So if you opt for the G-Power tuning package, your M5 will pack 640-hp. The engine size remains the same as the standard car, so it is still a 4.4-liter, V8 with two turbo-chargers. The extra grunt comes thanks to some engine remapping and through a higher performance exhaust system (which also makes the G-Power M5 a lot louder).

According to G-Power, their new M5 can sprint from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds and onto a top speed of 196-mph. Ceramic brakes are also available to stop this road legal missile.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the M5, you can choose from either the G-Power Silverstone RS or Silverstone Clubsport forged alloy wheels. Both wheels are 21-inch in size and wear 265/30ZR21 tires at the front and 305/25ZR21 tires at the rear.

So if you have the new M5 on order, but are already looking for ways to make it faster, you know who to call.