Honda Civic Hybrid Class Action Lawsuit Settled, Tentatively

Honda Civic Hybrid Class Action Lawsuit Settled, Tentatively

The curious case of Heather Peters taking Honda to small claims court may not be over, but the class action suit she opted out of most likely is.

A California judge tentatively approved a settlement that would award between $100 and $200 to Honda Civic hybrid owners who joined the suit filed because of inflated gas milage claims by the Japanese automaker. The decisions also credits those owners with a voucher toward purchasing a new Honda.

Judge Timothy Taylor did not, however, agree with the claims by members of the suit who believed they should receive more money in light of Peters’ $9,867 judgment. Instead, he said settlements are about compromise.

“No doubt plaintiffs would have loved to have gotten more; certainly their counsel had every incentive to get as much as possible. … Honda undoubtedly has many arrows left in its quiver, and certainly would have preferred to pay nothing,” he wrote.

The settlement is for owners of Honda Civic hybrids spanning the 2003-09 model years and includes $8 million in plaintiff attorney fees, which is stirring controversy among some of the Civic owners who feel shorted.

As for Peters, Honda vowed to appeal the the small claims decision that landed in her favor, though news has yet to surface on progress in the case.

[Source: Detroit News]


    I purchased a Honda Civic Hybrid that was in the years specified and traded it off for a 2007 Toyota Prius bacause of the bad gas mileage. I was never notified about this suit. What can be done to be included in the settlement.

  • Chad

    Class-action lawsuits rarely benefit anyone but the lawyers involved.

  • Kent Shrack

    What was the judge thinking. $200 is an insult. The re-programming of my Hybrid cost me between 12 to 14 MPG and the performance is frightful. Simple math tells you this was a bad decision. If Honda didn’t have a hand in getting this class action brought against them, they should have. They have to be thrilled at the $200.

  • I’m in the affected ‘class’ – haven’t seen my money yet…

  • Angela

     I believe you had to still own the vehicle at the time of the class action law suit. We bought our Honda Civic Hybrid from my brother last April, and because we were the new car owners, we were given the class action law suit option paper work, and not my brother, even though he owned it at one point.

  • Rick

    CONGRATULATIONS to all of you brainiacs that participated in this frivolous class action suit.  You’re a part of the litigious monster that is strangling our country to death.  Yeah, you got a hundred bucks and the scumbag lawyers got $8 MILLION.  They’re laughing all the way to the bank.  You just made it more expensive for all of us to purchase our next new car.

  • Taressa

    ARE YOU KIDDING???? You don’t think Honda deserved to have to pay AT LEAST that much???? They charged an extra $5-7k per car based on the claims that the purchaser would save money on gas (over the non-hybrid civic), they used false advertisement and manipulation and took advantage of consumers and your solution is to sit back and take it because we will have to pay one way or another???? I hate class action lawsuits, but if they had sued individually, the cost would most likely have been higher, and maybe they would have gotten what they actually were owed. Standing up to predatory business practices is not frivolous, Your argument is ignorant and self serving.

  • Angie Percy

    We would appreciate you posting the contact info for lawyers heading up the class action suit so we can contact them to include us in the lawsuit.
    Thank you.

  • EJ

    Honda has filed an appeal to the class action settlement.   According to the hchsettlement website, as of May 21, 2012,  it is now anyones guess if this will ever be settled.  So now, like thousands of Honda owners who had faulty IMF batteries installed, that must be replaced to the tune of $3,000, and which would have been replaced with the extended warranty (because Honda knew when they installed them that they had major problems) I must sell it at a great loss to buy a good car.  What a terrible company.  No honor.  No conscience.   

  • Goozleboy

    Thanks for your reply. Rick’s self-serving argument makes it seems as if his name should rhyme with rick but begin with a “P”.

  • Goozleboy

    I’d sooner buy a Yugo than a Honda after the scam “this great” corporation has chosen to pull on its loyal customers. Pathetic bastards!

  • Kent Shrack

    Delete this post please.