Hyundai Elantra Blue on the Horizon?

Hyundai Elantra Blue on the Horizon?

Hyundai offered a 2010 model year Elantra Blue briefly, featuring a manual transmission and special gear ratios helping it to achieve better fuel economy than a standard Elantra. Now it appears that the Korean automaker might revive the Blue package for its compact Elantra.

On the EPA’s fuel economy website, Hyundai has a listing for an Elantra Blue model that shows a 34-mpg combined rating, which is 1 mpg more than the standard Elantra. It appears that the 1 mpg bump is in city economy, while both the Elantra Blue and standard Elantra have 40-mpg highway.

“Hyundai is continuing to study the application of start-stop technology in our vehicles. Hyundai chose to certify a vehicle with start-stop to see the benefits in EPA testing, although plans to sell an Elantra Blue in the U.S. market have not been finalized,” said Hyundai representative Jim Trainor to Leftlane News.

Though it doesn’t exactly confirm the model’s existence, it does confirm that the Korean automaker is looking to integrate start-stop technology in its vehicles, and that the Elantra would be a fitting model to release it on. We currently see the start-stop technology being used in the sister company, Kia‘s Rio sedans.

If there is indeed a fuel economy difference in the Elantra Blue, it might not be solely attributed to start-stop technology. The Korean automaker in the past has admitted that start-stop alone doesn’t help in EPA testing.

With the New York Auto Show around the corner, there is a chance that the Korean automaker may make an announcement then.

[Source: Leftlane News]

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    I own the 2010 Elantra blue. It would be kind of cool for it to be the only year this model was made.