Infiniti JX Inspires Cirque Du Soleil

Infiniti JX Inspires Cirque Du Soleil

Marketing stunts can be wild and crazy at times, but they rarely involve, well, actual stunts. Despite that, Infiniti will be streaming a live Cirque Du Soleil performance that features the 2012 Infiniti JX. 

Infiniti says the JX will “challenge gravity” in the performance, so we hope to see it flying through the air supported by trapeze artists. The event will be called Le Voyage Inspire, and will be approximately 11 minutes long. Nine Cirque Du Soleil performers will use JX as the focus of their act.

Infiniti is getting the JX name out in as many venues possible lately, sponsoring NCAA Basketball and now getting into acrobatic acts. Surely the company is trying to guarantee its expectation that the JX will be it’s second best seller.

The Cirque Du Soleil performance will stream live Thursday, March 29, at 12 Eastern Daylight Time.

Click here to be directed to where you can watch the event, and watch the video below explaining how the event came to be.

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