Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience Roadshow Gets Ready to Roll

Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience Roadshow Gets Ready to Roll

Jaguar North America is launching a new marketing initiative, dubbed the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience.

Essentially a national US roadshow that will stop at some 18 cities across the country, it’s designed to provide consumers with an up-close and personal look at the brand, giving them the chance to sample the entire lineup of current models, arrange test drives and even view some iconic cars from Jaguar’s past.

The tour, which kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona on April 12th, is complimentary and allows consumers to explore the limits of Jaguar’s current vehicles, on closed circuit test courses with experienced instructors such as Adam Andretti, Roberto Guerrero and Davy Jones providing expert tuition on safe performance driving techniques.

According to Jaguar North America’s Brand Vice President David Prior, “the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience provides consumers with a unique opportunity to fully experience the performance ability of our award-winning model line-up. Coupled with the launch of the ALIVE marketing campaign, we are excited by the opportunity to introduce the Jaguar brand in a refreshed, contemporary way.”

The first seven stops on the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience have already been announced, with others to be revealed shortly. To find out which cities are currently scheduled along with additional information on the program, click on the link below.

[Source: Jaguar North America]

  • jeffrey leon

    RSVP CODE: A031430A
    I would like to test drive the XKR-S on Sunday April 15th at University of Phoenix Stadium
    Thank you


    would like to test drive the xkr-s on saturday april 14 or sunday the 15th…

  • Tsctuftyaz

    Q027553C  would like to drive on  april 15, 2012  thank you

  • Rwjagjoy

    Would like to drive on Sunday, April 22 in the A.M..  My RSVP Code is DO24984B.  There will be two of us. 

  • Steve Kumar

    Received invitation fro you. We will like to attend on 20th of April. Pl. call me to confirm for party of two. Our RSVP code is Q002321A. Pl. call me at 714 968-0010 or send me e-mail at

  • Seamaster13

    Reservation code DO371586
    Party of Two for the afternoon of Saturday, April 21, 2012 
    contact at for confirmation. Thank you.

  • Seamaster13

    Have you (or anyone else) received any response to confirm the reservation? There is no ‘’ website to register, and I’m not too confident our postings will secure a spot…. They mailed me some very expensive materials, but, with no site to register has me doubting my willingness to drive two hours away for this. Anyone with info?….    Thanks.   

  • Hugo campaigniac

    Hi, received 2 invitations with 2 different codes, DO 299441A and DO30750B, but there is nota a website to register, is this serious? HAC

  • Jerryrieker

    My wife & I went to university of Phoenix stadium this morning @ 9 am to test drive the new Jaguars. I received a invitation, but did not sign up. The man told us no problem would you and your wife please show your drivers lic. and we have paper work for you to fill out. I said I would do that but my wife did not want to drive one she would just ride with me. He said she has to show her lic. and fill out the same paperwork or she would have to stay in the building, and not be allowed to go outside or ride with me. At that point I told him we would forget the ride as I didn’t feel my wife had to show her lic. or fill out paper work. I drive a Lexus LS430 and used to own a 2000Jag S model and wanted to see if I was interested.  I am sure you have your rules to drive your cars, but I have my standards also. My first rule is no unneccessary paperwork. Thank you

  • Alfred B Duran Jr

    how in the world do you sign up to drive at Dodger Stadium on May 5, 2012 ?
    My name is Alfred B. Duran Jr. and my code is A-0118169 on the invitation. My daughter Kimberely will come to drive also. .

  • mark terry

    Reservation code N0449086
    Please reserve myself & guest for the May 18 – 20, Lone Star Park, Jaguar Alive Driving complimentary event; contact at for further confirmation

  • Becky

    RSVP Code:  X045262F.  May 18 or any other day/time available.    There doesn’t seem to be another place to accept.  R. Schaulin and W. Schaulin

  • Pukaone

    Reservation code ROO66022. How come there is no more information about this, IE time to be there, what is needed to participate, etc.

  • G. S. Knight

    Your referral website is completely useless!  No way to RSVP to the AliveDriving event.

    Reservation # AO94696C will attend Seattle event Jun 22-24.

  • Kubist

    Ditto on what G.S. Knight said. Useless to sign up. 

    Reservation #Q0471074 will also attend June 22-24.



  • Arlo Miller

    RSV Code DO5853Of  Two people on July 22 to 24.