Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience

Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience

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  • Ocleveland

    Please confirm my spot at the Jaguar A Live Driving experience on May 4-6, 2012.

    Odessa’s RSVP CODE: A0100734

  • RSVP code D0328932

    tried to RSVP for JAGUARALIVEDRIVING.COM and everything else came up but a link to RSVP. Must be a fake to get you to this page.

  • Ken Van Horn

    please confirm my spot at Jaguar driving experience May 4, sy Dodger Stadium, rsvp code D01766129

  • Angela

    this is the most horrendous experience i ever had!!!!  Bad customer service!  My GOsh for their fucking snacks, they would shoo a buyer who has all the money!!! Greatest mistake they ever made!!!

  • Patsy Skaggs

    RSVP  CODE AO538526  Have other important engagement. Cannot attend.

  • Jl Baker

    jEFFREY AO47617D Will attend

  • Rainman

    You guys realize – this is not the place to RSVP for this event. I searched the site thouroughly and could not find a place to do so.

    If you want to attend just show up. I bet they won’t turn you away!

  • Pukaone

    I am surprised Jaguar would have a class brochure then direct you to a site that has no information.

  • Pukaone

    HERE IS MY NUMBER: R00660022 now what do I do ?

  • Chad

    I’m in N0860348

  • Peabody6612

    So here I am at the site stated on your invitation and no place to sign up.  Here is my RSVP code: D053030B.  Thanks but no thanks, won’t be coming.

  • RSVP CODE:DO57960D  What else do you need?  There was no place to put code??

  • Rperk02
  • Rperk02
  • Arlo Miller

    I will be there