Jaguar Says No to SUV, Maybe to Crossover

Jaguar Says No to SUV, Maybe to Crossover

Recently at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar debuted its XF Sportbrake model, a station wagon variant of the Jaguar XF. The CEO also spoke about Jaguar’s future at the show confirming that a new, baby Jaguar was on its way.

Now Jaguar’s design chief, Ian Callum, is speaking up about the company’s future confirming that the British automaker will not enter the SUV market, but that a crossover is still possible. The decision isn’t particularly surprising given that Land Rover is Jaguar’s sister company, but Callum did say that “maybe there are some grey areas in between [they] could investigate.”

Of course Callum wouldn’t comment on whether or not Jaguar has already started working on a Jaguar crossover concept, but our guess would be yes if he didn’t dismiss it entirely. With emerging markets like Asia embracing crossover models, it would be a nice fit for Jaguar to enter into that market, though it will be interesting to see how it plans on differentiating from the Range Rover Evoque.

As expected, Callum said that no decision has been made, but Jaguar is actively looking at new vehicle segments – one possibility being a BMW 3-Series competitor.

[Source: Car Advice]